About The Business Expo

THE Business Expo is proudly brought to you by Jigsaw Solutions Group


Introducing, the Event Directors Sharon Giblett and Barry Brown.

We relocated from Wellington to Tauranga in 2016 and moved Jigsaw Solutions Group with us after being enticed by the growth the Bay of Plenty region was experiencing and the lifestyle too. We spent many, many hours networking and establishing ourselves and endeavouring to find out who were the key players and businesses in the region.

We quickly recognised there was a gap and a need for a platform where businesses could showcase their products and services, promote their brand, and demonstrate innovation and technology, as well as find new suppliers. Our vision was for a platform where exhibitors and visitors could also look for business solutions, experience innovation and source new business in a fun and interactive format so within this platform is also a great opportunity to strengthen relationships with existing clients and suppliers. And best of all, exhibitors could present their business and market to a specific business-to-business audience at one location in one easy day.

Drawing on expertise from exhibiting at many Expo’s over the years, along with many years of experience operating businesses individually and jointly, combined with the knowledge gained through establishing, running and then selling several businesses – what a powerful combination.  We made the decision to introduce a premier business-to-business Expo to the Bay of Plenty and in 2019 we held the inaugural event in Waikato.

One of our first steps prior to launching  was to design a logo for the Business Expo that would reflect the benefits of being part of this premier event. The new logo and branding was designed to create an immediate and lasting impression.  It is direct and strong, incorporating a sense of who the Expo is, and what the Expo stands for. The “X” icon encompasses strength and signifies the importance of making connections in business. The blue arrow within represents forward momentum and energy. The colours reflect the environment around us, land, sea and sky.

We’re excited at the future for the Business Expo.  The Expo bridges communication gaps that cannot be achieved on such a meaningful level, helping people make important face-to-face connections that build trust and long-term business relationships. In one day at the Business Expo people achieved what might normally take them months or years.


“Our goal for the Expo is to become a key driver and platform for fostering growth in the regional economies and to be a must-attend event in the business calendar.”


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