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Waikato Business News Article

Waikato Business News Article

Awesome to see this write up about the Business Expo in the Waikato Business News! Click on the picture to enlarge and read the article or follow the link below to the full paper and check out pages 30 & 31:


Pop-Up Expo Rotorua – April 2020

Pop-Up Expo Rotorua – April 2020

The Pop-Up Business Expo is happening again in Rotorua on Wednesday 1st April.

In conjunction with the Rotorua Business Chamber, we are so excited to be bringing the Business Expos ‘little brother’ to you and can’t wait to see all the excitement of the exhibitors and attendees on the day.

This event is short and sweet but will pack a big punch when it comes to filling your pipeline for 2020.

Pop-Up Expo Rotorua, Dec 2019

Pop-Up Expo Rotorua, Dec 2019

We are pleased to be bringing the ‘little brother’ pop-up Expo to Rotorua on 11th Dec 2019 in conjunction with the Rotorua Business Chamber.

The Pop-Up Business Expo is an opportunity for exhibitors to showcase their brand, products and services in a fun, relaxed but professional B2B environment.
This event is an ideal platform for exhibitors to connect with new businesses, network, market and sell products and services, uncover business opportunities and start preparing for a strong start to business in 2020.

The concept is simple, the Pop Up Business Expo runs from 4:00 pm to 6:30 pm, a 90cm x 90cm (approx.) table is supplied, you bring along a pull-up banner, your advertising/marketing material and at 4:00 pm the fun begins.

It’s a great way to generate business growth.

Waikato Business Expo 2020

Waikato Business Expo 2020

The Business Expo is coming to Hamilton in September 2020 for a second year, bigger than ever! Book your stand now and be part of this B2B event – networking, marketing, sales, opportunities, leveraging, branding, trialling new products/services.

Hosted by the Waikato Chamber of Commerce and organised by Jigsaw Solutions Group, the Business Expo is the must-attend B2B event and is the ideal way to ‘super-charge’ your year. Join other leading-edge businesses, businesspeople and entrepreneurs to connect with clients, prospects and suppliers who are right on your doorstep, as well as others from across the country.

The Business Expo is more than simply a networking event – it’s an effective place to leverage and grow your business, create opportunities, generate leads, uncover solutions, build your pipeline and get deals done!


Business Expo Set to  Profile Waikato’s Thriving Economy

Business Expo Set to Profile Waikato’s Thriving Economy

PRESS RELEASE:  Hamilton, Wednesday 10 April, Hamilton. The countdown has begun for the organisers of the inaugural Waikato Business Expo to be held at Claudelands on 11 September 2019.

The one-day event, hosted by the Waikato Chamber of Commerce and organised by Jigsaw Solutions Group, brings together a community of qualified business expertise to help Waikato businesses thrive.

Billed as the expo ’where business gets done’, this event showcases leading edge and forward-thinking businesses, speakers and education.  It is expected to draw interest from local, regional and national organisations with links to the Waikato.

Hosts Waikato Chamber of Commerce CEO Chris Simpson said early interest in exhibiting at the event had reinforced the need for an event of this quality and scale for the region.

“The caliber of exhibitors that have already signed up is fantastic” he said. “The Expo fits well with our vision of providing our members and business community with valuable opportunities to engage their markets.”

With a population bigger than Wellington, Waikato’s economy grew by 7% in 2018 and it is now host to a $30 billion dollar economy. It’s proximity to Auckland’s $100 billion dollar market made it a growing hub for commerce.

Among exhibitors will be a wide-range of commerce providers including IT experts, virtual pa’s, health and safety, finance, recruitment, digital marketing, education, catering, banking and personal and professional service providers. The Expo is for all types of businesses whose target market is B2B.  Additional expo experiences include business-to-business (B2B) networking and workshops offering insights and tips on how to improve and generate growth.

Event Director Sharon Giblett says “The Business Expo is the ultimate leveraging opportunity, whether you want to grow your market share, look for business solutions, increase your knowledge of the marketplace or see what competitors are up to.”

“Today time is so valuable” she says. “Exhibiting, sponsoring or attending an expo is an extremely effective and efficient way of using your time wisely. You can achieve more in one day than you could in weeks or months of your normal working schedule”.

Award-winning wellbeing specialist, author and entrepreneur Lauren Parsons has been engaged as their keynote speaker for the event.  Hot off the TEDx stage in New York State, Lauren is founder of the Snack on Exercise movement and will be presenting her renowned keynote session “Overcoming the Overwhelm – How to thrive in a fast-paced world”.

The Expo opens at 7am to VIP invited guests and then to the wider business community from 9.00am to 4.30pm. Bookings for exhibitors are now open at