Claudelands | Hamilton | 11 September 2019








Join us at this exclusive Business Expo VIP OPENING EVENT


Overcome The Overwhelm


Hot off the TEDx stage in New York, Lauren Parsons is an international award-winning Wellbeing Specialist, author and entrepreneur who is passionate about equipping and inspiring business people to truly boost their health and happiness.



Are you or your team busy people wanting to learn how to super-charge productivity, or struggling to regain balance or wanting to rediscover how it feels to thrive?

It’s common, even for high-performing people to feel overwhelmed at times. Lauren will share life-changing ways to thrive in the workplace and super-charge productivity while achieving balance and well-being.  She will equip you with tried and tested strategies that work for even the busiest of executives and teams.


Discover how to get out of the ‘overwhelm trap’

Learn exactly how to juggle the multiple demands of life, work and family, while staying calm, centered and in control. Transform the way you approach and structure your life and workflows, so you achieve much more in less time. Regain balance and experience more joy and satisfaction.

You’ll discover:

  • The biggest mistake that makes you lose hours every week (and how to overcome it)
  • How to overcome the ‘tyranny of the urgent’ and get the right things done
  • The secrets that successful people use each morning to ensure a positive, productive day
  • Time-saving tips to reduce stress and help you get more done in less time
  • How to set the example for your team and create an environment where everybody thrives

Join us for this feature Expo event from 7am – 9.30am at Claudelands, Hamilton, including light refreshments, inspiring speaker and exclusive VIP Business Expo walk-through prior to the Expo opening to the public. 

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There may be a very limited number of VIP tickets available to the public.  If you’re interested please contact us.